The human body is the most complex system ever created.  Each body is unique, so it's hard to believe that one-size-fits-all medicine is really the most effective way to heal. 


However by creating a program tailored specifically to your needs, we can unlock your body's amazing capacity to heal itself. 

Care at Case Integrative Health

Health and wellbeing are lifelong pursuits and where ever you are in your journey, we are committed to helping you move ahead.  Care at Case Integrative Health is designed to get you on the right track quickly - arming you with the tools to control your own health for the rest of your life. 


Fundamentals of Functional Health

Getting to the foundation of your health question means digging into four areas, then looking at how they impact your body's systems.

How are you eating?

Your gut is responsible for more than just your waistline.  The bacteria in your gut (both good and bad), are also linked to proper brain health, immune function, joint pain, inflammation and sleep patterns.

Understanding your diet, food sensitivities and overall gut health is the first step toward pinpointing the source of many commonly misunderstood symptoms across your entire body.

In short, healing your gut is the first step to healing you. 

How are you sleeping?

Scientists are just starting to unlock the mysteries of a good night's sleep.


Beyond simply allowing your muscles a period of rest, deep REM sleep is the time when your brain clears toxins and resets for another day.

Without enough proper sleep, the cumulative affects will take a toll on your cognitive abilities.  Left alone long enough, improper sleep can lead to more serious conditions.  

Your sleep patterns are a window to a host of broader issues.

How are you stressing?

Chronic stress inflicts low-grade inflammation on your system.  The constant accumulation of cortisol can essentially poison your brain before moving to other organs.


Additionally, stress will trigger (or amplify) any issues present in your gut or sleep patterns.


Isolating and fixing the chemical imbalances created by chronic stress is vital to creating long-term health and well-being.

How are you moving?

Humans are not meant to be sedentary, yet most of us spend most days in front of a computer.  

Slow metabolism leads to changes in hormones affecting mood, stress, sleep, energy, weight and inflammation.

Not every person is destined to run a marathon, but each of us can find ways to increase our movement and physical fitness - accelerating our metabolic rate and supporting the body's work to create a healthy gut and brain. 


What to Expect From Your Visit ​ 


Following the Plan:

While we hope that two visits to Case Integrative Health are all that it takes to reach your goals, we realize that for many it takes longer. 


As we continue to work together, Dr. Kelley and her team are available for remote or in-person follow-up consultations.  Most patients find they benefit from 1-2 check-ins a year for 30 minutes, but we will tailor follow up visits to your particular needs.  


We hope to continue working with you to optimize your wellness and share new discoveries with you along the way. 

Tools for a Lifetime of Health:​

Our ultimate goal is not to just rid you of symptoms, but to give you the tools you need to keep you well for the long-term.  


We love nothing more than celebrating our patients' health breakthroughs, then sending them on their way - meeting them only in social settings!


Your first visit:
A Functional Medicine Assessment


Your' first consult is the most comprehensive.  This 60 - 90 minute appointment will include:

  • A thorough review of your health and history

  • A comprehensive set of Functional Labs

  • An Individualized Treatment Plan to address your goals  


This Functional approach will help us understand you as a complete person and to zero in on the root cause of any health limitations.  As an MDs, our team has the ability to create Treatment Plans that include prescription drugs, herbs & supplements, intensive interventions and everything in between.  


Visits may be done in person over via HIPAA-secure video chats.  

Functional Medicine Labs:


Functional Labs do more than scratch the surface - looking for the true root cause of your symptoms.  These labs can often find problems in their beginning stages when they are much easier to treat and correct.  

The second visit:

A check-and-adjust

About one month after your initial visit, we ask that you return to do a quick 'check-and-adjust'.

In this 60 minute visit, we will

  • Review your progress to see how you're improving

  • Review in depth the labs that we took the during your Initial Assessment 

  • Make any necessary changes to the plan 

These two visits, in rapid succession, help get you on the path to improved health so you can move on with life.   




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