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Extra! Extra! Check Out Dr. Kelley's Top Tips in the Press.

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

We’re so happy to see Dr. Kelley sharing her wisdom with the wider world through numerous, recent publications! Just in case you missed any, scroll down for some of her top tips on staying healthy. She chats about anything from Lyme disease prevention, to sauna blankets!

In honor of Lyme Awareness Month, Dr. Kelley "talked ticks" with Ranger Ready Repellents. Click here for some helpful advice on how to prevent yourself this month- and all year long!

Have you taken your vitamins yet? Dr. Kelley spoke with mindbodygreen about the importance of a supplement routine, beginning with a multivitamin. Click here for some of her best tips!

Have you ever used a sauna blanket? It's a great at-home alternative to a regular sauna, and is even easier on the body! Click here, and read along as Dr. Kelley enumerates the many benefits of this therapeutic tool.

How colorful is your diet? Did you know that some of what gives fruits and veggies their bright colors are antioxidants called flavonoids? Read more here about what makes these antioxidants so special, and how you can make sure you're adding enough to your daily intake!

We're so grateful to all of these publications for allowing Dr. Kelley to get these tips out there! Thanks to everyone who helped! We're wishing all of the readers a safe summer, and a healthy and happy rest of the year.

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