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The Order of Joint Work of the Dissertation Student and Supervisor

The dissertation is one of the most important scientific works, requiring special attention, patience and perseverance. In this work, it is not enough to conduct a simple analysis of the literature, to identify the problem, it is important to develop a mechanism that has not been invented by anyone before, a way to solve the problem. It takes several years (3-4 years) to write dissertation projects.

Who can be a dissertation supervisor?

The graduate student/applicant must choose a supervisor who will monitor the progress of the individual schedule, give recommendations and instructions in terms of writing the research. When choosing a dissertation supervisor, pay attention to the experience of teaching, his portfolio (how many dissertations were defended under his supervision and what results were obtained), his reputation in the scientific community, etc.

The administration of the university cannot appoint a simple (ordinary) teacher to supervise a dissertation candidate. A candidate for this "position" must meet specific requirements:

  • to have behind the academic degree "Doctor of Science" (in some cases it is allowed that the academic degree was "Candidate of Science"), that is, experience in defending dissertations. Only an expert who has independently gone through “all the circles of hell” can control the process of writing such a serious work;

  • the person must understand the field of science in which the applicant is completing a dissertation;

  • to have the title of "Associate Professor" or senior researcher behind him, experience in teaching.

Joint work of the dissertation student and supervisor is the key to success

The applicant for a degree can begins close interaction with his supervisor even at the stage of choosing a topic. Here, the "curator" will help him determine the level of complexity (how complex and interesting the topic is, whether there is a sufficient number of available materials on it), etc.

Further, the supervisor must draw up an individual schedule for the postgraduate student. This document will indicate when and what materials he will have to submit for verification, pass certification, etc.

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