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Since the beginning of her medical career, Dr. Casey Kelley, M.D. continually asked questions about health, longevity, and healing that conventional medicine didn’t answer. Seeking those answers, she began studying Functional Medicine to complement her traditional medical studies. Utilizing this multi-disciplinary approach, Dr. Kelley has been on the forefront of Integrative Medicine, devoting her career to treating patients in a highly personalized manner that focuses as much on overall health and wellness as it does on specific issues and diagnoses.


Board Certified in Family Medicine, Dr. Kelley was among the first physicians to become Board Certified in Integrative Medicine. She has studied the causes, effects, and treatments of Lyme Disease extensively, and lectures nationally on this and other topics. 


Dr. Kelley graduated from The Ohio State University College of Medicine and completed her residency in Family Medicine at St. Joseph Hospital in Chicago.  She is a ten-year member of the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM), a Director on the board of The International Lyme and Associated Disease Society (ILADS), and is a Founding Member of the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine (AIHM).  Dr. Kelley is on the faculty at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University.  


Prior to founding Case Integrative Health, Dr. Kelley practiced medicine at WholeHealth Chicago, Michigan Avenue Immediate Care, and St. Joseph Hospital.

Lectures and Talks

  • "A Functional Approach to Mold Toxicity" at the Functional Forum, Swedish Covenant Hospital -  July, 2019
  • "Supplemental Immune Support in Lyme" at the Annual Scientific Conference, International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society - November, 2019
  • "Spotlight on Lyme Disease" at the Quad City Area Lyme Disease Awareness Fundraiser - November, 2018
  • " A Functional Medicine Approach to Lyme Disease" -  A deep-dive lecture to medical professionals, Chicago, October, 2018 and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, March 2018
  • "Adrenal Fatigue - The Stress Syndrome" - lecture for staff at the St. Joseph Hospital - July, 2011
  • "Intestinal Permeability: Leaky Gut Syndrome"- lecture for staff at the St. Joseph Hospital - November, 2009

Media and Interviews


Dr. Kelley was the key to unlocking my mystery chronic illnesses and continues to be an irreplaceable support on my healing journey. Her knowledge and implementation of integrative medicine is unmatched and constantly evolving.  She uses every minute of every appointment to listen to her patients and help them heal their minds, bodies and spirits.  Dr. Kelley is incredibly responsive when it comes to emails and patient questions. When combined with her experience and compassion, she eases the anxiety associated with being sick. I am so lucky to have Dr. Kelley on my side!

- Jamie B.  | Chicago

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