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Grow younger, from any age.

See what you can achieve with a balanced metabolism
and healthy heart.  

40% of Americans have been diagnosed with a cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular conditions are complex issues, typically caused by multiple factors coming together.   This is why the conventional approach of "one pill for one ill"  falls short for many people. 


A multi-system deep-dive allows our providers to develop individualized treatment programs that balance your cardio metabolic system,  strengthen it to withstand modern life, and ultimately reverse the damage.  

Balance | Fortify | Rebuild

Our Approach


You can't unravel a complex question in 15 minutes.  CIH appointments are 30-90 minutes- giving you time with the doctor to dig deep.  

Root Cause

Finding core issues is the only way to breakthrough.  This means digging into symptoms across all mind-body systems.

Evidence Driven

Comprehensive labs and cutting-edge specialty tests give our team a deeper picture into your specific issues.

Comprehensive Focus

We align the siloed work of other specialists into a single plan to restore your health to a spot where your body can heal itself.

Foundations of Treatment

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Diet, sleep habits, even breathing- lifestyle choices are foundational to improving cardiac risks factors.   No pill, supplement or surgery can overcome poor habits.

Our team works hand-in-hand to find the right habits that fit comfortably into your life, making the transition easier and helping you see more results more quickly. 

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Whether you are actively working to beat a chronic condition, trying to reduce prescriptions, or just working to stay health for as long as possible, targeted supplementation can help.  

Our curated set of supplements come from the best manufacturers, meaning you can feel and see the results.



More severe cases may call for more potent interventions. 

From prescription drugs and advanced lab testing, to peptide therapy to IV infusions, Integrative MDs have access to the most comprehensive set of tools to help you achieve your goals.

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Tackling a cardiac condition is hard enough.  The larger your support system, the more quickly you are able to get to your goals.

The CIH approach includes not just our MDs, but a full team of PAs, Health Coaches and Service Coordinators here to 


Trent Orfanos, MD, ABoIM

Director of Integrative and Functional Cardiology

Dr. Orfanos is triple board certified in Cardiology, Integrative Medicine and Internal Medicine.  He brings decades of experience in Cardiology and Integrative Medicine to Case Integrative Health.  

Dr. Orfanos embraced preventative cardiology from a functional medicine perspective while practicing as a full-time interventional cardiologist.

Slowly mixing in the lifestyle and supplement conversations along with conventional discussions, "Dr. O" saw previously deteriorating patients begin to flourish.   As the results grew, so did Dr. Orfanos's interest in Integrative Medicine, ultimately culminating in his move to become Board Certified in Integrative Holistic Medicine over a decade ago.  

Dr. Orfanos joined the Case Integrative Health team in August 2022.  

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Patient Portal

Use the Case Integrative Health Patient Portal account to securely and privately communicate with the medical team,  check your labs, review supplement and prescription recommendations, complete paperwork and more.  

Don't have an account?  Click the button below to create one or sign-in. 

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