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Care at Case Integrative Health

Health and wellbeing are lifelong pursuits and where ever you are in your journey, we are committed to helping you move ahead.  

Care at Case Integrative Health is designed to get you on the right track quickly - arming you with the tools to control your own health for the rest of your life. 

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Fundamentals of Integrative Health

Getting to the foundation of your health questions means digging into four areas, then tracing how they are impacting your body’s systems.   

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“Food is the first medicine” - Hippocrates.  The right nutrition can improve brain health, immune function, pain and energy.  So, all CIH plans start with food. 

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More than just allowing your muscles to rest, sleep is when you clear toxins and reset for another day. Sleep patterns are a window to a host of issues.   

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Chronic stress inflicts low-grade inflammation across your body, accumulating over time.  Isolating and fixing hormone imbalances is essential to long-term wellbeing.

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Sedentary lifestyles lead to more than just weight gain and sore muscles & joints.  Slow metabolism weighs on hormones that control mood, stress, sleep and energy.

What to Expect From Your Visit ​

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Functional Medicine Labs


Using our in-house labs run by Northwestern or lab convenient to you, we will collect comprehensive blood panels and specialty tests to get a complete picture across a host of issues.    

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Your Initial Plan 

Walk away from your first visit with an individualized protocol that includes nutrition and lifestyle recommendations, prescriptions (as needed), supplement recommendations and options for more interventional therapies.     

A Fast Follow-Up

4-6 weeks after the first appointment, you will follow-up with your doctor to review your progress, the lab results and make any necessary adjustments.  This check-in quickly ensures that you’re on the right track.  



Before the Visit


Consults at Case Integrative Health start long before the first visit.  A series of short but comprehensive questionnaires give our doctors a good sense of where they want to start.   



Stay the Courses 

While we hope that two visits are all that it takes, we realized that for many, the road back to health will be longer.   


Case Integrative Health staff are available remote or in-person for follow-up consultations.  Most patients find they benefit from 1-2 check-ins each year.  

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The Deep Dive

A functional consult led by an Integrative MD is an in-depth look into your medical history, symptoms, lifestyle, genetics and ultimately, your goals for your health. 




Tools for a Lifetime of Health

Our ultimate goal is to rid you of symptoms and give you the tools you need to keep you well for the long-term.   


We love nothing more than celebrating our patients' health breakthroughs, then sending them on their way - meeting them only in social settings! 

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