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A non-invasive brain reset


How does neurofeedback work?

By the Numbers:

  • 5 lightweight electrodes are placed on the head in specific locations

  • 3 picowatts (3 trillionths of a watt) of power of delivered to the electrodes

  • 100 pulses per second  

  • 3-20 second bursts

  • 1-5 bursts across 1-5 locations

  • 10-20 sessions lead to pliable brainwaves

What does it treat?

  • Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

  • Brain Fog

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  • Depression and Anxiety

  •  Insomnia

  •  Traumatic Brain Injury

  •  ADD / ADHD

  •  Addictions 

  •  Pain

  •  Fibromyalgia

What does a session feel like?


Each session is ~30 minutes + 15 min with our molecular hydrogen machine afterward (optional).

Electrode locations on your head and neck will be cleaned and a conductive paste applied to hold the electrodes in place.  

NOTE! Some target spots are located inside the hairline. In these cases, there will be a little cleanup required. We advise patients to wear collarless shirts and you may need to wash your hair afterward.   

MCN can accelerate the brain's natural detox process. Consider augmenting MCN with detox supplements listed below.  

What will I feel?


During the session, you may feel a slight buzzing. Most patients don’t feel anything.

After a session, patients describe feeling more relaxed, energetic, focused, and less stressed. Most patients also report better sleep after an MCN treatment.  

At first, these feelings may be short-lived (from 1-2 hours up to 1-2 days).  

After the procedure wears off, the nervous system may react, causing feelings of fatigue, anxiousness, heightened emotional states, and sometimes headaches.  

These reactions are 1) temporary 2) a sign that your brain and nervous system are responding! Report symptoms to our team so we can help dial in the plan.  

Brain Detox Support


2 pills, 3x day


3x day


2x day on an empty stomach


1-5 mg on an empty stomach

Relax Max and/or Optimag Neuro:

at bedtime

Learn More at this link

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