Gut and Digestive Issues


What is the Jump Start Plan?

Our doctor's approach to diet is based on two ideas:  first, your food should contribute to your wellness every time you sit down to eat.  Second, in order to become a lifestyle, it must taste good.  

With those to principles in mind, the team at CIH has been assembling some of their favorite recipes and techniques in order to create a diet that does serious heavy lifting for your gut and tastes unlike any other.  

The Jump Start Plan is divided into two phases: a "gut reset" phase, then a "replenish & sustain" phase.  

designed to

Phase One

  • Lower exposure to toxins that the body has trouble eliminating

  • Lower inflammation by cutting out offending foods (gluten, sugar, dairy, soy, corn)

  • Boost your immune system by removing immune-suppressing foods (gluten, sugar)

  • Replace nutrients that get depleted by chronic disease

designed to

Phase Two

  • Build upon the foundation of Phase I

  • Heal the gut

  • Re-introduce foods as tolerated to determine what lifestyle works best for you!

Can four weeks of food change your life?