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Schedule a Treatment

Integrative therapies at your convenience.  Schedule a 15 min. consult to get connected to treatment immediately.

How to get started


Schedue a Call

Conduct a 15-minute call with one of our integrative RN's to confirm you're a candidate for your treatment, or to match you with the right one.  This ensures maximum benefits from your medical treatments. 


Pick a Location

Choose between our Downtown Chicago and Hinsdale,IL clinics.


Treatment Plan

If you decide that a continuing course of treatments makes sense, our medical director, Dr Casey Kelley, will build a tailored approach for your case, ensuring maximum efficacy. 


Get Scheduled

Pick a time and date that fits your schedule to receive care that fits your medical needs.



Check-in with an integrative RN to discuss further treatments


Complimentary Visit

At the end of your protocol, you'll be able to schedule a free 30-min consult with one of our integrative providers to discuss your health outcome, goals and determine appropriate next steps. 

Get started on your custom tailored treatment plan

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