Vitamin IVs

Vitamins are critical to make every part of your body function correctly.


Deficiencies can happen for a number of reasons, but restoring the proper level of vitamins will benefit everything from your daily energy to your sleep. More importantly, it will make all your systems function more effectively.


Delivering vitamins intravenously helps us ensure that your body gets the maximum amount it can handle.  

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Vitamin D

What it is: Vitamin D is a fat-soluble hormone responsible for increasing the absorption of calcium, magnesium and phosphate.  These minerals regulate bone & teeth strength, insulin, lung function and cardiovascular health.


What it does: Benefits may include more energy, better mood and reduced pain.  


Protocols: Vitamin D is available orally or via an intra-muscular injection.  We prefer the injection, as it allows for a higher dose than oral. 

Vitamin C

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What it is: Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, is an essential nutrient involved in tissue repair.  It is required for the immune system to function properly.


What it does: Vitamin C is shown to have anti-aging properties, as the body uses it to form collagen, skin, tendons, ligaments and blood vessels.  It is also a natural antioxidant that helps protect cellular function by preventing and removing oxidative stressors.  


Protocols: Vitamin C can be delivered through a supplement orally or IV.  We prefer IV therapy as it allows for dosing 10 – 100x higher.  A loading dose may take up to 10 treatments, however for acute issues (i.e. a cold), a single dose may work.

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Vitamin B12

What it is: Vitamin B12 is involved in the metabolic function of every cell in the body.  It is a part of DNA synthesis and cell production, but declines as we age.


What it does: B12 is vital to healthy nervous and cardiovascular systems.  It helps:

• Trigger red blood cell creation in bone marrow

• Stimulate nerve and brain regeneration

• Supports proper adrenal function and hormone balance


Protocols: Vitamin B12 is given as an injection for maximum absorption.  Most patients need a single-dose, but multi-dose treatments are available.     

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Myers Cocktail

What it is:  A Myers Cocktail is a mix of magnesium, calcium and Vitamins B & C in a fluids.


What it does: Myers Cocktails combine the benefits of the individual treatments into one IV.  It is helpful for chronic fatigue, immune support, asthma and migraines.      


Protocols: Myers Cocktails can be given by a slow IV push or infusion.

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Immune Boost

What it is: The Immune Boost is a combination of the nutrients found in the IVs for Vitamin C, B12 and Myers Cocktail (in the same or greater concentrations).  Zinc is added to provide an additional element of Immune System regulation.


What it does: Replenishes nutrients that are typically deficient in standard American lifestyles.  Taken at the start of an acute illness, it can shorten the duration and intensity of a cold or the flu.   Taken over the course of multiple days, Immune Boost can help rebuild compromised immune function back to self-regulation.


Protocols: The Immune Boost is administered intravenously 1-2x / week for 10-20 doses or at the immediate onset of acute illness.  

The Anti-Viral

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What it is: The Anti-viral IV ads lysine to the Immune Boost IV.  Lysine is an essential amino acid (ones that the body does not produce, but must be replenished through diet).  Lysine is an anti-viral agent, effectively starving viruses.    


What it does: This IV is specifically targeted to shorten acute virus reactions and to fight chronic viral infections like Epstein-Barr.  


Protocols: The Anti-Viral is administered intravenously 1-2x / week for 10-20 doses or at the immediate onset of acute illness.