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Dr. Agarwal in the News- Her Top Health Tips!

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

We love when Dr. Agarwal gets the opportunity to share her knowledge outside of the Case Integrative Health community! If you haven't caught them yet, here are a few of Dr. Agarwal's recent contributions, from magazines to podcasts. Read on for some of her best tips!

Dr. Agarwal chatted with HuffPost about some sneaky nighttime habits preventing you from getting your best sleep. Give it a read here to maximize your Zzzzs!

Are you getting your vitamins in? Dr. Agarwal chatted with Livestrong about some of the best supplements you can take. Check it out here!

Dr. Agarwal got a chance to speak with Mimi MacLean over at Lyme 360- and it was a fantastic episode! Give the episode a listen here.

Dr. Agarwal also got the chance to chat with Matt and Rich over at Tick Boot Camp! They discuss how we can best merge integrative and conventional medicine to optimize health and boost healing! Give this must-listen episode a listen here.

Thanks so much to each of these publications for helping Dr. Agarwal spread some public health knowledge! As always, we wish you a happy and healthy rest of your week and a wonderful summer!

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Dr. Agarwal's health tips are so helpful! I was browsing omegle new the other day and overheard some people discussing how they learned a lot of useful wellness advice from her recent media appearances. Definitely going to check out those podcast episodes she did - sounds like a great way to get some expert insights on staying healthy.

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