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Introducing Dr. Daniel Murauski: Pioneering Wellness Optimization and Longevity at Case Integrative

Updated: Feb 14

Dr. Daniel Murauski, Functional MD, Integrative Medicine

Greetings to each and every patient at Case Integrative Health! It's with great excitement (and a deep passion for wellness) that I begin my journey here as the Director of Wellness Optimization and Longevity, I look forward to joining this incredible team on our shared mission to redefine healthcare.

My academic journey began at the University of Illinois, where I earned my degree in bioengineering. The complexities of systems and the elegance of optimization – these concepts were embedded in my engineering roots and

serve me to this day. Following graduation, I took a hiatus to ponder my next educational move- Ph.D. or Med School. During that time, I immersed myself in the study of philosophy and threw myself into yoga and surfing (which I still enjoy)!

Woman doing yoga, integrative medicine, regenerative medicine

My background in bioengineering instilled in me an understanding of a systems-based approach, while my studies of yoga and philosophy reminded me of the importance of the human being itself. In my pursuit of knowledge and a desire to merge the worlds of science and holistic wellness, I began medical school at the Midwestern University School of Osteopathic Medicine. Inspired by the osteopathic philosophy, I navigated a residency program in family medicine at Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge, IL, emerging as a board-certified family physician.

Throughout my medical school and residency journey, I began to recognize a pattern of Western medicine that focuses only on the disease instead of the patient as a whole. This realization fueled my desire to explore integrative medicine further. I trained with the American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine and attained my Functional Medicine certification.

During my Integrative and Functional Medicine training, I have come to appreciate just how 

much my background serves me. From studying bioengineering, I have a deep understanding of complex systems and a respect for utility. On the other hand, yoga has become more than a personal passion; it is a guiding philosophy. It inspired me to view healthcare through a lens that embraces both the complexity of multi-system interactions and the simplicity of individual well-being. This marriage of perspectives is at the heart of my approach to integrative medicine.

Case Integrative Health, integrative medicine, functional medicine, health, wellness

My mission as Director of Wellness Optimization and Longevity at Case Integrative Health aligns with our vision of treating individuals as unique collaborations of mind, body, and soul. Through a multifaceted, integrative approach, we're empowering patients to embark on a journey toward true wellness (and happiness).

Case Integrative Health is not just a clinic; it's a community united by a shared quest: to help our patients heal. I'm thrilled to join a cutting-edge functional medicine practice that is Case Integrative Health. I look forward to working with a diverse team that collaborates to personalize care and push to further evolve the practice of medicine. I look forward to connecting with each of you and embarking on a journey toward optimal health and longevity. 

With health,

Dr. Daniel Murauski

For appointments with Dr. Murauski, visit and fill out the "appointments" form, or call 773-675-1400. Case Integrative Health is proud to serve patients in the Midwest, Chicago and the US.

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