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Reducing COVID-19 risk at Case Integrative Health

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Case Integrative Health friends and family,

The COVID-19 virus has made us all more aware of how we take care of ourselves and our community to prevent the spread of disease.

Isolating yourself is a good way to reduce risk, but sometimes that is not an option - especially when the reason for venturing out is to visit your doctor.

Please know that the CIH team has increased our already fastidious disinfecting regimen in our office including:

- Cleaning all common surfaces with medical-grade cleaners every 4 hours

- Disinfecting all soft surfaces multiple-times a day

- Increasing the use of Molekule air purifiers (which KILL bacteria and viruses)

- Following AMA guidelines for personal sanitation for all staff

We ask that our patients help us reduce risk as well:

- Any appointment can be switched to a phone or video conference.

- If you have a fever, or if you have had a fever in the last 48 hours, or are not feeling well, please DO NOT come to the office. Please use the video / phone option. 

- In the office: masks and hand-sanitizer are available. Those with a cough can wait in a private area as well.

- Boost your immune system using supplements from reputable manufacturers such as Fullscripts or Wholescripts or in-clinic IVs / injections.

No infection should ever be taken lightly. With the right precautions, we can help minimize the risk of spread, while still providing the care and attention you have grown accustomed to.

In Health,

Casey Kelley, MD

Founder and Medical Director

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