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Five Chronic Illness Advocates To Follow On Instagram

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Living with a chronic illness can be isolating- friends and family often cannot relate to day to day life, leaving us to feel like we are living in a very unique set of circumstances. In reality, one in three Americans now live with a chronic illness (National Health Council) and many have turned to documenting their lives online- allowing those living with a lifelong illness to feel less alone.

Influencers often only show a sliver of their life on social media- often referred to as the “highlight reel” of their life, sometimes portraying an unrealistic sense of perfection. Through our Instagram @CaseIntegrativeHealth, we have found the positive side of social media- advocates that show the good, the bad and the ugly- all in the name of making those living with chronic illness feel less alone in their journey.

While there are thousands of chronic illness advocates sharing their experience online- we found five that we find inspiring below-

Natalie, otherwise known as “Mindful Migraine,” focuses on “living well with chronic illness,” showing us that there is joy to be found amongst the difficult days. Natalie openly and selflessly shares her journey living with Lyme disease, chronic migraines and interstitial cystitis with grace.

Natlie also writes about her journey with chronic illness, mindfulness and shares education on the Mindful Migraine blog.

Jordan Younger began sharing her life on The Balanced Blonde seven years ago- and also let us in to her journey to being diagnosed with Lyme disease and working to heal mentally and physically. Jordan shares her life on Instagram and through her podcast where she chronicles many different healing modalities and spirituality.

Jordan often shares vegan recipes, her journey to waking up her soul and day to day musings with the chronic illness community to help us not feel so alone.

Rebecca is currently battling Lyme disease, coinfections and fibromyalgia while documenting her health journey on Instagram. Rebecca is incredibly passionate about beauty and skincare- taking her time to share her favorite tips, tricks and products to her community online.

Rebecca uses her platform to educate others on disease and uses spoken word as well as ASL (American Sign Language) to bring facts to her followers.

Caroline is a fellow Lyme disease advocate that chronicles her journey on two Instagram accounts- her personal account as well as a second account solely dedicated to her Lyme disease journey and education. Caroline is a model, actress and writer that shares a fierce love of life and belief that although we may have a chronic illness, we are much more than our internal health battle.

Caroline advocates for us all to “choose joy."

Kelly may be battling Lyme disease, but she is incredibly stylish every step of the way. Kelly is a fashion blogger that documents her life with chronic illness, her beautiful sense of style, clean living, travel and beauty while showcasing the memorable moments of her life along with the challenges that come from battling Lyme and autoimmune disease.

Kelly documents her life (and her adorable mini goldendoodle) on her blog, Dress Well Be Well.

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