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How to Manifest for 2021

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Healer and medium Cindy Luffred

For most of the country (and the world), 2020 wasn’t a great year. Scratch that-- 2020 was, for many, considered a year they would rather skip all together. Between a pandemic, instability, and a tragic amount of loss, 2020 is undoubtedly a year that will go down in infamy. With the beginning of 2021, there is a possible light at the end of the tunnel and many are feeling hope for the first time- well-since 2020 began.

The beginning of a New Year presents a beautiful opportunity to build something new and manifest more for yourself- but for the dawn of 2021, this takes on a new, even more important precedent. For this reason, we’ve brought in the help of Cindy Luffred, founder of Revealing Soul, and renowned healer and spiritual medium- to help you manifest the best year yet.

Firstly, and most importantly, Cindy recommends setting intentions rather than goals. She says, “Intentions are more open-ended, and can be applied across multiple areas in your life, where goals are most specifically focused on a particular outcome. And when co-creating and manifesting with the universe it's always best to not be too focused on the outcome, but rather more focused on how you want to feel getting there.”

Quote on manifesting from healer and medium cindy luffred

By allowing yourself to focus on the journey rather than the result you are prioritizing yourself, and your emotions over whatever you might achieve. Additionally, this allows you to engage in more spontaneity, as well as apply your intention to your life as a whole, rather than one specific area.

Cindy goes on to explain, “for example "leap, and the net will appear" is an intention that could be used for someone in manifesting career advancement, deeper relationships, or a new home.” As she elucidates, a more general intention allows you to manifest positivity and success in multiple facets of your life, as well as develop a deeper connection with yourself versus your own and others expectations of you.

Cindy also recommends “It's important when setting intentions to get clear on WHY you want what you want. If you're manifesting a new job, why do you want that new opportunity? What will it bring you that you don't have today? The same is true of a partner, or your health. Why do you want those things? What will it allow into your life that you desire? And then from that space, begin to take inspired action towards your intentions. It's a very different energy creating from the true why, as opposed to just blindly going after something because you think you should.”

“Should” can often be one of the most insidious and dangerous words in the English language. “I should make more money”, “I should be healthier”, “I should be further along by now”. Ask yourself where these judgements come from, and if they are moving to you what you want, or what you think you should want. Then try to discern your true intentions from that new space. While this can be terrifying, it can often lead to the greatest discoveries and authentic successes.

quote from healer and medium cindy luffred

For her final tip Cindy says, “I also highly recommend once you’ve set your intentions to create a vision board, or a screen saver, or put them in a place that reminds you often of your new intentions that you’re manifesting in your life”

In this way, by keeping your intention around you constantly, you help yourself to keep it present in your mind and body. As Cindy explains, the more you surround yourself with your intention the more you can manifest it into your life.

We know that life may not get back to normal immediately, or even by the end of the year. However, this does not mean that it is impossible for you to begin making changes in your life, health, relationships and more.

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Additional contributions to this article by Anna Roberts

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