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Case Integrative Health: Here for you during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

To our Case Integrative Health Family -

For over a decade, Dr. Kelley and Dr. Mafee have been bridging the gap between seemingly impossible symptoms and deeply rooted diseases. In the last several weeks, that work has taken on a new shape. We are honored to be a part of the medical community in this time of crisis and to provide perspectives and treatment options for your acute concerns while maintaining our focus on uncovering the root causes of chronic illness.

With COVID-19 sweeping the U.S. our work has an even greater purpose: to keep patients safe from the progression of the novel coronavirus and aid in keeping our hospital systems from becoming overburdened, preserving it for the most critical COVID-19 cases.

During this period of shelter-in-place, Case Integrative Health is remaining open. We see this as the best way to serve our patients and our community at-large. By providing medical care and treatments for patients at CIH, we are helping to reduce our patients risk from COVID-19 exposure.

In order to remain a place of calm and healing while supporting social-distancing, we have made the following options available:

  • Consults with Dr.Kelley and Dr. Mafee will be switched to phone and/or video until the end of this crisis. If you have an appointment confirmation, please look for an email with instructions. If you would like to make a virtual appointment, please call or email us at: We are accepting new patients, so this window provides a good opportunity to start work with our team without the burden of travel.

  • We are adding new options for connecting with the doctors to take a preventative and integrative approach to your health. If you have friends, family or others in your network who are healthy and focused on staying that way, please share these options.

    • Small-group visits: New to CIH, these 60-min appointments for 4-5 people will be conducted virtually. The visits will start with the doctor’s perspective on a way to boost immune function, then provide room to ask questions about your specific situation. By grouping together, we hope to relieve the financial strain on patients in need yet still have access to integrative care. To start, topics will include: Using Food to Boost Immune Function, an Integrative Approach Using Your Gut to Fight Viruses Stress’s Impact on Immune Function (and How to Calm It) We believe this forum will be more useful than scouring blogs for information on diet, supplements, and ways to maintain your physical and mental health through this stressful period. Visits will be available throughout the week to accommodate unique schedules. Please email for availability.

  • Immune Support Consults: Shorter and more focused than our standard Initial Consults, these 30-minute visits will allow patients enough 1-1 time with the doctor to create a Personal Health Plan to support a healthy and powerful immune system. Immune Support Consults are open to new and existing patients alike. Remember, there is no cure for COVID-19, so a healthy immune system and reduced exposure through social distancing are your best defenses.

  • Immune Support IVs: IVs are an efficient and potent way to deliver effective amounts of vitamins and nutrients directly to the cells (bypassing the absorption screening digestive system). Prices range from $35 - $300 for treatments and are delivered in-clinic (in a social-distancing compliant way!). New patients will need a complimentary 15-minute tele-visit to determine the best treatment options. Existing patients are encouraged to reach out to their physician to create an IV protocol for them. To learn more about immune-boosting procedures, call us or visit our website

In these unprecedented and ever-changing times, we are more grateful than ever for our patients that feel like family. Your ongoing trust and support motivate us daily as we navigate the front line of COVID-19 and continue to deliver individualized solutions for your unique healthcare needs. Thank you for being part of our community of health.

Dr. Casey Kelley, MD Dr. Rana Mafee, MD

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