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Physician Assistants: Our Role In Patient Care At Case Integrative Health

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I have always been drawn to medicine from a young age, fascinated by the intricate workings of the human body and driven by a deep desire to help others. As I navigated through my education and early career exploration, I discovered the role of a Physician Assistant. This profession has given me the opportunity to have meaningful interactions with patients and to play a pivotal role in their healthcare journey. After observing firsthand the gaps in our healthcare system, where patients often don’t receive the personalized attention and time they need, I realized that we, as Physician Assistants, can bridge these gaps and offer patients the proper, personalized attention and care. This resonates deeply with my values of patient-centered care and holistic health. 

Through personal health experiences and witnessing others' journeys, I’ve come to appreciate the complexity of chronic illnesses and the profound impact they have on patients' lives. This led me to specialize in an integrative approach to medicine, where I combine traditional medical knowledge with complementary therapies to offer comprehensive care. 

As a board-certified Physician Assistant specializing in Integrative Medicine, I am dedicated to finding holistic solutions for all of my patients, addressing not only the symptoms, but also considering their lifestyle, mental health, and personal goals.

How I Approach Treatment as a Physician Assistant

Doctor comforting patient

I believe that a fundamental aspect of approaching treatment is meeting patients where they are. I recognize the importance of understanding each patient's treatment preferences, limitations, and comfort levels. By respecting these boundaries, I can develop care plans that align with their needs and empower them to participate actively in their own health journey.

I’ve witnessed firsthand the importance of professional teamwork and collaboration in delivering optimal patient care. I believe in leveraging outside resources and seeking expertise from other healthcare providers to ensure that my patients receive the best possible care. 

As a mother myself, I have a special understanding of the challenges faced by parents, particularly when their child is dealing with chronic illness or unexplained symptoms. Parenthood can be both incredibly rewarding and daunting, especially when navigating healthcare decisions for a child. Drawing from my own experiences, I empathize with the fears and concerns that parents may have, and strive to provide compassionate support and clear communication to alleviate their anxieties.

How Our Patients Have Benefitted From the Case Integrative Health Team Approach

At Case Integrative Health, we use a collaborative, team-based approach to take care of our patients, as we regularly encounter complex cases where patients present with multiple health challenges and may need expertise across different specialties. In one specific case, a patient initially sought treatment for heart health, due to personal concern surrounding a family history of cardiac issues. During the comprehensive workup with our cardiologist, it became apparent that the patient was also contending with previously undetected chronic infections and gut-related issues. Working together collaboratively, the cardiologist focused on managing the initial cardiac concerns, while I addressed these other, newly identified health issues. This integrated approach not only provided a more thorough understanding of the patient's condition, but also enabled us to develop a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to their specific needs.  Our team-based approach at CIH played a crucial role in achieving a positive outcome for this patient. 

How Our PAs Collaborate With Our MDs

Tara Dordek, PA-C, Integrative Health Physician Assistant

The way the Case Integrative Health PAs collaborate with the MD/DOs is key to our approach in providing comprehensive and effective patient care. Our daily rounds bring together all providers to discuss patient cases, review new medical research, and share insights from recent educational opportunities. This collaborative setting not only enhances our collective knowledge, but also ensures that every provider is informed about the latest developments in medical care.

In addition to participating in daily rounds, I collaborate directly with MDs on patient care. I see many patients for follow-up appointments after initially meeting with an MD. During these follow-ups, I obtain an updated health history, discuss any adjustments or additional considerations, and ensure that the patient understands their treatment plan. This allows me to provide continuity of care and support, filling in gaps and reinforcing the patient's understanding of their health management.

For virtual or in-person appointments with Tara, visit our website and fill out the

“appointments” form, schedule directly through the patient portal, or call 773-675-1400.

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The comprehensive treatment at Case Integrative Health is ensured by their collaborative, team-based technique. This method shows how working with multiple specialists can effectively uncover and treat complex health conditions. gorilla tag

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The collaborative, team-based method at Case Integrative Health ensures comprehensive treatment, demonstrating how working with various specialists can uncover and treat complex health issues effectively. planet clicker

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