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Health Coaching for the Elimination Diet Win

Elimination diet triggers

Starting an elimination diet and wondering where to begin? Working with a health coach can set you up for long-term success! In fact, a recent study published in the peer-reviewed journal Medicine found that individuals who worked with functional medicine health coaches while following an elimination diet experienced better outcomes than those who were self-guided. This study is just the latest in demonstrating how effective health coaching is in driving compliance with treatment plans and supporting lifestyle or behavior changes.

What is a health coach?

Working with a health coach

A health coach is a trained professional who uses evidence-based strategies to help clients make lasting behavioral changes that improve their health and well-being. At Case Integrative Health, our patient care is supported by a board-certified functional medicine health coach. Our coach specializes in identifying the root causes of bodily imbalances and emphasizes a holistic understanding of the interconnected systems within the body. For an example of coaching in action, see this case study.

How does a health coach support an elimination diet?

A health coach can be instrumental in supporting someone through an elimination diet, which involves temporarily removing certain foods to identify potential triggers for adverse reactions or symptoms. At Case Integrative Health, targeted elimination diets are often foundational to an integrative treatment plan. Our practitioners use therapeutic diets to remove food triggers, reduce inflammation, heal the gut, kick-start weight loss, and enhance overall nutrition to support healing. However, as anyone who has attempted an elimination diet knows, it’s not always easy. Even highly motivated participants can struggle with compliance. This is where a health coach becomes invaluable, offering personalized support and accountability.

The Elimination Diet: Step by Step

Man shopping for new grocery items on elimination diet

Most elimination diets can be broken down into three phases, each of which can be enhanced by health coach support. The first phase is preparation, which involves both mental and logistical planning for the dietary change. This phase may include scheduling, considering upcoming personal and professional commitments, brainstorming strategies for social engagements, grocery shopping, finding elimination diet recipes, and meal planning. Together, the coach and client create a personalized elimination diet plan that aligns with the client's health goals, dietary preferences, and lifestyle.

The second phase is the elimination itself, which is often the easiest phase if approached with appropriate planning. To achieve the therapeutic benefits of the diet, potential trigger foods must be eliminated entirely. During this phase, a health coach can provide valuable support and accountability. This might involve regular check-ins, tracking progress, and troubleshooting any challenges that arise.

Woman logging food on elimination diet

The final, and arguably most important, phase of any elimination diet is reintroduction. This methodical process of trial and error provides insights into which foods may or may not be well tolerated. Thoughtful planning, careful observation, and detailed logging are critical to a successful reintroduction phase. A trained health coach can help overcome many of the expected challenges during this phase.

Once the elimination diet is complete, the health coach can work with the client to develop a long-term plan for incorporating the findings into their regular diet and lifestyle.

What's Next?

Jenny Rowland, Health Coach

Whether you've been prescribed a detox diet, AIP, or anything in between, remember that you don’t have to go it alone! An elimination diet started my own health journey well over a decade ago, and since then, I have had the privilege of supporting countless clients through their own elimination diets at Case Integrative Health and as a mentor coach in the recently published trial. Together, let’s make your elimination diet a valuable addition to your health toolbox and a step forward on your path to healing.

For virtual or in-person appointments with Jenny, visit our website and fill out the

“appointments” form, schedule directly through the patient portal, or call 773-675-1400.


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