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Flowpresso: Harnessing the Power of Compression for Optimal Lymphatic Health

Woman administering Flowpresso

The lymphatic system is a critical component of health and longevity, especially when combating complex chronic diseases. However, evidence-based treatments targeting the lymphatic system are scarce. This underscores the significance of Flowpresso, a non-invasive therapy that encourages lymphatic drainage and also promotes the body’s restorative state, which can lead to better sleep, increased energy, reduced stress, quicker recovery, and more.

Flowpresso is a full-body compression suit that covers the legs, abdomen, torso, and arms. Over the course of 40 minutes, the suit’s 22 chambers inflate sequentially, with each activating before the previous chamber fully deflates to deliver cyclical and consistent pressure. A gentle infrared heat will then spread through the suit, penetrating the body (versus just the surface) to avoid overheating. An eye mask and headphones can also be provided for completely immersive relaxation.

Before we discuss why Flowpresso is beneficial for lymphatic drainage, let’s do a quick overview of the lymphatic system’s importance. 

The lymphatic system

What Is the Lymphatic System? 

The lymphatic system is a crucial component of the body's immune system and plays a key role in maintaining overall health. It consists of a network of lymphatic vessels, lymph nodes, and organs such as the spleen and thymus (a lymphoid organ in the neck). This system is responsible for circulating lymph, a clear fluid containing white blood cells, throughout the body. 

What Does the Lymphatic System Do? The lymphatic system is a second circulatory system in your body. Rather than moving blood, this system removes excess fluid, waste, and toxins from tissues, returning them to the bloodstream for elimination. It also helps fight infections by trapping and destroying pathogens in the lymph nodes. The lymph nodes naturally swell when you have an infection, which is why your doctor always feels your neck to help determine if you're sick. Plus, the lymphatic system helps absorb fats and fat-soluble vitamins from the digestive system, transporting them to the bloodstream. Overall, the lymphatic system is vital for immune defense, fluid balance, and nutrient transport in the body.

Person feeling fatigued, achy, and dealing with brain fog

What Are the Symptoms of a Blocked Lymphatic System?

Many patients at Case Integrative Health have a compromised lymphatic system as part of their health issues. Chronic infections tax the lymphatic system with constant detox requirements. However, when the flow through this system is sluggish or blocked, it can lower the immune system’s ability to do its job fighting infections.  

In addition, modern diets and lifestyles, with their constant exposure to chemicals and other foreign toxins, place additional strain on the lymphatic system. This can result in a host of health issues, including inflammation, swelling (also known as lymphedema), and the aforementioned compromised immune function. 

Beyond that, poor lymphatic drainage can leave you feeling achy, heavy, and fatigued. In addition, it can make it difficult for you to move and cause brain fog. You may also experience headaches, digestive issues like bloating, skin issues (such as dry, itchy skin, rashes, or acne), and exacerbated allergies or sinus infections. 

A struggling lymphatic system can be caused by the following:

  • Toxic burden issues involving mold or glyphosate reactivity

  • Surgery or trauma, and resulting scar tissue formation 

  • Infections like cellulitis

  • Inflammatory diseases like lupus or arthritis 

  • Congenital disorders

  • Cancer

  • Tumors 

  • Certain medication side effects 

  • Chronic illness like Lyme disease 

Woman using Flowpresso

Now Enter Flowpresso: Therapy Focused on Lymphatic System Repair

Flowpresso is one of the only therapies designed to focus on the lymphatic system. Utilizing an innovative design, Flowpresso delivers targeted compression to stimulate lymphatic circulation and promote detox.

While Flowpresso can and should be used as a standalone therapy, we frequently use it to lead off the repair process for our patients battling complex chronic disease. We use it to jump-start a stagnant lymph system and clear out the existing “junk” (medical term!) before we press the immune system into more aggressive action.

What Are the Benefits of Using Flowpresso? 

Flowpresso’s impact can be felt beyond lymphatic drainage. A session can include up to four different therapies: compression, IR heat, deep pressure, and nano vibrational technology (NVT). Together, these therapies work to put the body in a “rest and restore” state, resetting the parasympathetic nervous response. By helping switch off the “fight or flight” mode most of us are stuck in, the body gets space to complete the recovery work we need to function properly over our lifetime.    

One 40-minute session in the Flowpresso suit is enough to experience a decrease in stress and increase in relaxation. This is especially because Flowpresso promotes the release of tightness in the fascia, which is the communication system among and between muscles. Muscle soreness and strain can actually be caused by fascia tension, which Flowpresso helps to combat. This leads to improved sleep quality, healing, and energy levels. Flowpresso has also shown results when it comes to better endurance in sports, weight loss, detoxification, and increased mobility. So while Flowpresso is great for everyone, it can be especially beneficial for those with health goals or challenges. 

Why Is a Healthy Lymphatic System Essential for People Battling Health Challenges?

For patients with chronic illness, toxic burden issues, inflammatory conditions, and other health challenges, regular lymphatic drainage can be especially helpful. These conditions often involve systemic inflammation and impaired detoxification pathways, placing added strain on the lymphatic system. By supporting the lymphatic system’s circulation, individuals can facilitate the removal of toxins, metabolic waste, and pathogens from the body, easing symptoms and promoting overall health. 

How Often Should You Use Flowpresso?

When it comes to how often you should receive Flowpresso’s therapies, there isn’t one answer that can apply to everyone. Since everyone’s body and health history is unique, it is important to consult with your doctor to figure out what frequency works best for you. However, patients tend to experience optimal results with regular sessions. That is why at least three sessions, with a minimum of three days in between each, is recommended. 

Two elderly people drinking water

What to Do After a Flowpresso Session 

After a session in the Flowpresso, make sure you drink plenty of water. Since lymphatic drainage therapy can be dehydrating, drink two to four glasses of water to replenish your system. With combating dehydration in mind, you will also want to avoid caffeine and alcohol. To continue to promote the flow of lymph, avoid tight clothing, heavy meals, and foods high in sodium. Doing light exercise — such as walking, yoga, or Pilates — can help encourage lymph flow. However, if you are feeling calm or tired after your Flowpresso session, take it as a sign to lie down and rest. Then, ensure that you get to bed on time so that you can get a good night’s sleep.  

To provide additional support for the lymphatic system, we also recommend Beyond Balance LYMPH-SPPT and a binder — which assists the body in reducing its toxin level — such as the Ortho Molecular Products Z-Binder or Quicksilver Scientific Ultra Binder

Looking to Find Flowpresso Near You in Illinois and Chicago?

Case Integrative Health is thrilled to introduce Flowpresso to our patients. If you aren’t sure whether this type of therapy is right for you, make sure you consult with your doctor first. For Flowpresso appointments, visit and fill out the "appointments" form, or call 773-675-1400. Case Integrative Health is proud to serve patients in the Midwest, Chicago, and across the U.S.

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