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Joint Regeneration with Prolozone Therapy

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

If you're suffering from persistent pain- you're not alone. An estimated 20.4% of adults in the United States suffer from chronic pain. That's roughly 50 million people! Even more significantly, about a third of adults suffer from high-impact chronic pain, meaning that the pain is so severe and persistent that it substantially restricts day-to-day activities. Chronic pain can be due to various conditions and appear anywhere throughout the body; however, one of the more common kinds of chronic pain is joint pain. For many years, chronic joint pain proved tricky to treat. Some patients experience breakthrough pain despite OTC medication, and still, more are reluctant to take pills long-term. Luckily, hope is not lost! Other effective long-term pain solutions do exist, one of which is a cutting-edge treatment called prolozone therapy.

The word "prolozone" comes from a combination of the words combination of "proliferation" and "ozone." Prolozone therapy is a revolutionary non-surgical pain management technique with the goal of mending the underlying cause of joint pain. The method began in Germany, where it was developed by Frank Shallenberger, M.D., HMD, in 1990. It is a holistic treatment that enables the body to self-correct injury by improving the ability of cells to heal in and around the injured joint. By improving oxygen utilization in a localized area of damaged connective tissue, the joint has a chance to heal and return to full function.

Often, prolozone injections are confused with cortisone (steroid) shots- however, the treatments are very different. Both injections treat joint pain; however, prolozone injections are able to reconstruct the damaged joint while avoiding damage to any surrounding tissues. While a cortisone shot may temporarily mask pain, the injections can weaken the surrounding joints over time, leading to fractures and conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis. The magic of prolozone injections is that the treatment addresses the root of the issue, and the pain relief comes from the joint rebuilding and healing.

Another wonderful benefit of prolozone therapy is how widely it can be applied. The treatment is an effective pain management treatment for many common musculoskeletal problems! Most often, providers utilize the injections to relieve persistent and chronic body pain, arthritis, as well as tears, strains, and sprains. In addition, it can be used to treat rotator cuff injuries, shoulder and elbow pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and even degenerated spinal discs. The applications of prolozone therapy are vast, so even if your specific condition isn't listed- speak with your doctor! Your team can work to determine a Prolozone Therapy treatment plan that best meets your individual needs.

One of the best parts of utilizing prolozone therapy is that it is an excellent alternative to a more invasive procedure and serves as a regenerative therapy. Prolozone therapy consists of injections that include anti-inflammatories, vitamins, and minerals delivered to the affected joints and areas of pain. Following the injections, your provider will administer the ozone/oxygen gas. All of the components of Prolozone are natural, including oxygen, vitamins, and minerals, so most patients do not experience side effects. Those that do may report a sense of fullness at the injection site. Further, if you are prone to fainting, you may experience a vasovagal response. Don't worry; even if you experience one of these side effects, remember that prolozone regenerative injection therapy is very safe and has been safely administered to hundreds of thousands of patients.

Many patients experience some pain relief upon injection and continue to report an improvement post-injection as well. The treatment works at a cellular level to stimulate the production of collagen and cartilage and allows your body to heal the affected joint, so recovery can be ongoing. The benefits of a single injection can be striking. However, most patients find they typically need more than one. Doctors usually recommend three to five sessions to obtain the full regenerative benefits of prolozone therapy. Further, it's essential to remember that each body and injury is different. Depending on other medical conditions, your body may take longer to heal- that's okay! By working with your care team, you can determine a plan of action that is as unique as you are.

The decision to proceed with prolozone therapy is a decision that you can make with your treatment team. If you're experiencing chronic and unrelenting pain, especially pain that doesn't respond to current medications- speak with your doctor. Let us take care of the pain management, and you can get back to living the life you deserve.

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