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Mental Health Awareness Day: Tips from the Case Integrative Health Team

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Someone's hand helping another person. Mental health giving and supporting.

Monday, October 10th is World Mental Health Day. However, as an integrative and functional medical practice, we are keenly aware of the importance of mental health year-round. Here are some of our team members' best tips to manage your mental health this October and every other month as well.

Integrative and functional MD, Dr. Casey Kelley

Mental health is systemic health. Period.

Mental health challenges are most often symptoms of underlying systemic inflammation, infections, toxins, and/or nutritional deficiencies. Medications can be very helpful – but getting to the underlying root cause of those symptoms and treating the cause is paramount.

Integrative and functional MD, cardiology, Dr. Trent Orfanos

One of the antidotes to our mental health challenges today is to have an attitude of gratitude. Write down each morning three things that you are grateful for. Keep that up, and over time it’ll change your heart.

Health coach

I am borrowing my piece of advice from Choose the Life You Want by Tal Ben-Shahar, Ph.D. Embrace the power of choice, and choose to actively create the kind of life that you want for yourself. Refuse to accept “I have no choice.”

Matt Kelley, President and CEO

World Mental Health Day is a booster for the idea that there is no substitute for human-to-human interaction; the pandemic made that abundantly clear. As COVID fades to endemic, I hope we can hold on to our hard-gained knowledge that a handshake, a hug, or just a shared laugh, will do more for our health than any amount of screen time.

Unlock your body and mind's health with a team of integrative MDs at Case Integrative Health.

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The Case Integrative Health team, comprised of mental health professionals and wellness experts, shares valuable tips to support mental well-being and foster a geometry dash culture of compassion and understanding.


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