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What Lead Me to the World of Healthcare

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Maureen Moran PA-C

Being a safe and calm voice during tumultuous times has always been my greatest gift to others.

I was drawn to medicine because at a very young age I discovered I was a natural caregiver. I grew up in Chicago in a large Irish family. I was fourth in line, but the first daughter. The youngest in our family had medical challenges from birth. At age seven, I stepped up in order to help and support my mom. I attended countless doctor’s appointments, PT/OT therapy sessions, and special education events over the years. I remember working one whole summer to teach my then 5-year-old brother, to walk without leg braces or a walker. I was successful in this endeavor, and it made me feel great that I could have such a positive impact on my brother's life. I then further challenged my medical curiosities by volunteering in a nursing home near my home and working as a volunteer at our local hospital. Looking back, I intuitively understood very clearly at a young age the path that was unfolding for me. I have always been and remain a caregiver. It is important for me to help guide my family, my friends, and my patients in important decisions regarding their healthcare.

I truly love the practice of medicine, as it has allowed me to follow my innate passion and curiosities regarding medical science along with compassionate care for others. My patients have driven me to seek out better answers to their most difficult health challenges. It is an honor that they have entrusted me with the most delicate concerns in their lives. I am constantly humbled by these interactions.

As a physician assistant, my role is to help facilitate the care of our patients and to ensure communication regarding our care plans with Dr. Kelley and the entire team at Case. It is important for me to facilitate excellent and efficient care for all of our patients. Dr. Kelley and I communicate daily on the care of our patients and how we can best address their medical concerns. We are all important pieces in the puzzle and constant communication regarding our patients’ care is enormously impactful.

Developing my skills and aptitude in Integrative and Functional medicine was an enormous life-long desire on my part. I spent most of my career in a specialty surgical and critical care arena that allowed me to develop disciplined and intuitive approaches to care for critically sick patients. However, I harbored a desire to understand the role of preventative care further, and how it could impact recovery in patients that were critically sick. Of course, it also sparked my interest in how to counsel patients in preventative care, so that my patients could learn to manage their life in alignment with continued wellness. The opportunity to join Dr. Kelley’s team at Case was truly an important goal to achieve in my life and medical career. The care of our patients and their challenging medical concerns has allowed me to develop professionally in enormously positive ways. My hope is that patients are comfortable with and feel secure in their visits with me.

So, next time you’re around the offices- give me a wave! I look forward to aiding you on your journey in any way that I can.

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