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Take Care of Yourself! Tips For Manageable Self Care

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

How chronically ill practice self care

If you’re an individual with chronic illness (like many of our patients at Case Integrative Health), the world can feel overwhelming at the best of times. It's important that we give ourselves grace, and practice regular self check-ins. In times like these, practicing self-care is even more important, however, it’s easy to feel like you don’t know where to start. So, we reached out to some of our favorite wellness influencers, to ask them how they take care of themselves when the world feels like too much!

Keep Up With My Physical Health!

Lindsey Shelton, @linds.shelton:

Something that has always helped my mental health is keeping up with my physical health. When I feel good from the inside out, I feel my best. Working out helps me release tension and stress. When I find that I am unsatisfied with what is going on in the world, I try to focus more on myself and how I can help me. Because without helping me, I won't be able to help others as I strive to do. So creating a maintainable workout routine truly helps me during these times.

Stay Connected Virtually!

Zoe Stoller, @zoestoller:

I have a weekly Zoom call with a few of my friends, and I FaceTime with my family frequently. And my cousin and I like to hang out by playing Fortnite together! This helps me stay connected to my community even though I live and work alone -- which in turn helps my mental health and keeps me from being isolated. And the recurring aspect ensures that I regularly have this connection (because I would definitely forget to make plans otherwise).

Take A Break From The “Real” World!

Courtney Melvin, @courtneycocomel:

If I find myself in a rut or just feeling a little depressed I like to take “me” days and turn off my notifications on my phone, limit the mindless scrolling of my social media accounts, and just relax and try to be in the present moment. Taking a walk with your dog or yourself or friend, take a relaxing bath with some meditation music, catch up on some shows (not news) to get your mind off the negative things happening around us. Even talk to someone friend or therapy if you find the struggle gets too real.

Relax and Recharge

Lizzy Dolan, @saltywoman65:

When I start to feel overwhelmed I know I need to get out of my apartment. I’ll take my dogs to the beach and enjoy the peace and quiet while listening to the waves crash. It’s a time to put my phone down, relax, and recharge. On the drive home I’ll feel more relaxed. I’ll then end the day with a bubble bath and a face mask. A day or afternoon to do activities you love will help you loosen the tension and anxiety your body is holding on to.

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Additional contributions to this article by Anna Roberts

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